Islam's Beliefs, Practices and History
Test 3

Test 3 on Islam (For answers, see link after Question 10.)

1. What two countries fund the most terrorist attacks in the “Cause of Allah?”
a. Syria and Afghanistan
b. Syria and Iraq
c. Iran and Saudi Arabia
d. Iran and Pakistan

2. Globally, Muslims outnumber Jews by a factor of about how many to one?
a. 25 to 1
b. 50 to 1
c. 100 to 1
d. 200 to 1

3. According to the Qur’an, what is the goal of Islam?
a. World domination
b. World economic equality
c. World social justice
d. World peace

4. Which countries are Islamic States governed by Sharia law?
a. Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia
b. Turkey, Ethiopia, Nigeria
d. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan
e. Qatar, Bahrain, Oman

5. Islam teaches Muslims to
a. Humble themselves, pray and seek world peace
b. Save all people from eternal damnation by forcing them to convert to Islam
c. Promote the spread of Islam through peace and charity
d. Support Islamic wars of conquest

6. Muslim leaders target what group to attend special Islamic schools (madrassas)?
a. Boys and girls who excel at memorizing the Qur’an
b. Boys and girls who are emotionally unstable
c. Boys who like to fight and play war games
d. Boys who are serious about prayer

7. The Qur’an prescribes which of the following punishments for those who wage war against Allah and his Messenger and cause mischief throughout the land?
a. 30 lashes, imprisonment for 10 years
b. 30 lashes, confinement and hard labor for 20 years
c. 99 lashes, confinement and hard labor for life
d. Execution, crucifixion, cutting off hand and foot from opposite sides, or expulsion

8. Why do devout Islamists dye their beards jet black?
a. It is required by Sharia law.
b. So they won’t look like Jews
c. To look more menacing
d. To make themselves look younger

9. In which of the following Muslim countries is amputating the hands of thieves most often carried out?
a. Ethiopia
b. Syria
c. Saudi Arabia
d. Tunisia

10. What is the world’s largest Islamic terrorist organization?
a. Al Qaeda
b. Muslim Brotherhood
c. Islamic State
d. Hamas

Answers to Test 3


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