Islam's Beliefs, Practices and History
Test 1

Test 1 on Islam (For answers, select link after Question 10.)

1. Arrange Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in order of founding from earliest to latest.
a. Islam, Judaism, Christianity
b. Judaism, Islam, Christianity
c. Christianity, Judaism, Islam
d. Judaism, Christianity, Islam

2. The concept that Allah and the God of Christians are one and the same is
a. theologcally and logically impossible.
b. accepted as fact by devout Muslims and devout Christians.
c. rejected by devout Muslims and devout Christians.
d. accepted as fact by devout Muslims but rejected by devout Christians.

3. Which of the following written works is the most holy to Muslims?
a. The Prophet
b. The Hadiths
c. The Qur’an
d. The Sira

3. What two rewards are not promised in Islamic paradise?
a. Thrones, gardens
b. Rivers, fruit 
c. Love, peace
d. Virgins, wine

4. Which Biblical prophet is not mentioned in the Qur’an?
a. Abraham
b. Ezekiel
c. Moses
d. Jesus

5. Currently, Muslims make up about what percentage of the world’s total population?
a. 5
b. 15
c. 25
d. 35

6. What two factors account for nearly all of Islam’s phenomenal growth?
a. High birth rates, force 
b. Strict moral code, evangelism
c. Mystique, effective propaganda
d. Tolerance, charity

7. Under Islamic law, what is the penalty for Muslims who abandon Islam?
a. Death
b. Thirty lashes
c. Ninety-nine lashes
d. Exile

8. About what percentage of the world’s Muslims can read the Qur’an?
a. 40
b. 30
c. 20
d. 10

9. Under what circumstances can Islamic Law (Sharia) coexist with democracy?
a. All circumstances
b. No circumstances
c. When the will of freedom-loving people is recognized and legalized
d. When Islamic leaders approve of democratic processes

10. What is the world’s fastest growing belief system?
a. Christianity
b. Islam
c. Buddhism
d. Atheism

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