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Peaceful vs. Violent Muslims


Who are the true Muslims … the peaceful ones or the terrorists?

Arabic is the language of Islam. The Qur’an and Hadiths are written in Arabic. Islamic leaders teach that Allah’s words can only be accurately conveyed or understood in Arabic, and they discourage Muslims from studying Islam in any other language. However, fewer than 20 percent of Muslims can speak or understand Arabic. The following population data shows the eight countries that have the largest Muslim populations as of 2016, along with their predominant languages.





Predominant Languages



Bahasa Indonesia (Malay)



Urdu, English



Hindi, English,

23 others



Bengali, English



English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba




(Egyptian Arabic)







Most Muslims don't know the meaning of the Arabic words they recite five times each day as “prayers.” Plainly, culture and local customs have greater influence on the lives of non-Arabic-speaking Muslims than does Islamic doctrine. In fact, nearly all non-Arabic-speaking Muslims could rightfully be described as Muslims in name only.**

Conversely, many Arab Muslims and Arabic-speaking Muslims can and do study the Islamic holy books, the Qur’an and the Hadiths. These books hold that Allah revealed the Qur’an word-for-word to his prophet, Muhammad, and therefore it is infallible, eternal and unchangeable. Arabic-speaking Muslims learn that their most important duty is to fight until all people convert to Islam, are enslaved by Muslims, or are dead (Qur’an 8:39). Their primary weapons are deceit and subterfuge. They are taught from an early age that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims morally, ethically, physically and intellectually. Five times each day they pray that Allah will keep them on the straight path (Islam) and not the path of those who angered Allah (Jews) or the path of those who have gone astray (Christians). They learn that their only sure way to Paradise is to kill or be killed while fighting in the Cause of Allah. Many Arabic-speaking Muslims also believe they should emulate Muhammad as the perfect man; they study his behavior and strive to follow his example. Muhammad laid down the guiding principles for jihad: fight for world domination by any means, terrorize target populations, take no prisoners, murder or enslave males who refuse to convert to Islam, and do whatever you wish with captive females and children.

Most Islamic terrorists come from or are supported by citizens of the following Arabic-speaking countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon and Gaza.

Pasto-and-Dari-speaking Afghanistan has been infiltrated by al Qaeda, the Taliban and Wahhabi Muslims, who incite widespread terrorist attacks. The Shiite Ayatollah leaders of Farsi-speaking Iran also fund and direct global terrorism.

It’s important to note that militant Muslims from all countries terrorize Christians because Islam is anti-Christian at its core. Since the founding of Islam, 60 million Christians have died at the hands of Muslims.

To become a Muslim one need only recite, “There is one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet” with two Muslim witnesses. He is then immediately trapped by Islam’s death penalty for blasphemy or apostasy. Islam requires execution of all who attempt to abandon Islam or who criticize Islam, Muhammad, or the Qur’an.

Nearly all children born to peaceful Muslim families are raised to believe Islam is a religion of peace and the only true religion. Most learn no more than required rituals and the idealized version of Islam—developed over centuries—to characterize Muhammad as the pure and compassionate last prophet of Allah. His deceptions, assassinations, murders, wars and sexual indulgencies are not made known to them. These Muslims of goodwill, the clear majority, seldom if ever encounter an Islamic terrorist.

Uncommitted Muslims

(about 90 percent)

Committed Muslims

 (about 10 percent)

Mostly non-Arabic-speaking

Mostly Arabic-speaking

Do not understand Islamic theology or doctrine

Understand Islamic theology and doctrine

Recite Arabic words they don’t understand as “prayers”

Know their five-a-day “prayers” are anti-Christian and anti-Semitic

Conform to Islamic rituals lest they be persecuted

Conform to rituals with sincere devotion

Strive to live in peace, prosper and raise their children

Strive to fight until all people are Muslim, enslaved by Muslims, or are dead


Islamists, jihadists, terrorists

Committed Muslims are succeeding in their quest to establish Islam as the dominant religion, and this is a very real threat to the peace and prosperity of every free nation.
Islamists have deeply infiltrated most democratic governments, and they wield ever-increasing influence. When Islam is questioned, Muslim leaders loudly and publicly claim their freedom of religion has been violated, and this clever deception is all that’s needed to prevail. Already, in most western countries, criticism of Islam is deemed “hate speech.” Organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) attack anyone who dares reveal Islam’s goal of world domination.

Western leaders feign ignorance of Islam’s goal of world domination because admitting the truth would most likely result in widespread violent protests and end their political careers. But for free peoples to survive, their leaders must publicly admit the truth about Islam, align with other nations to defeat Islamic jihadists, and embrace Muslims of goodwill.

Resisting the spread of Islam while at the same time welcoming peaceful Muslims into communities and homes would isolate violent Islamic jihadists and would strongly encourage uncommitted Muslims to abandon Islam.

My work has been greatly influenced by the writings of ex-Muslims and recognized experts on Islam: Nabeel Qureshi, Mosab Hassan Yousef, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Serge Trifkovic, Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Mark A. Gabriel, Noni Darwish, Wafa Sultan, David Garrison and Mike Shipman.

I pray that Islam’s goal of world domination will become known to everyone, that free peoples will unite to defend themselves, and that the ideology of Islam will be defeated. I also pray the one true God will help all Muslims escape Islam and find the joy and peace of loving their neighbors and living in freedom.

I welcome questions and comments. Please submit them through my website.

**While it is true that most of the Iranian people are Muslims in name only, Iran’s religious leaders are fanatic Shiites supporting global terrorist groups and fighting to establish Islam as the only religion.

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Resisting the spread of Islam while at the same time welcoming peaceful Muslims into communities and homes would isolate violent Islamic jihadists and would strongly encourage uncommitted Muslims to abandon Islam.


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