Islam's Beliefs, Practices and History

Dome of the Rock—a shrine built by Muslims to proclaim Islam's superiority over Judaism and Christianity after Islamist armies conquered Jerusalem in AD 638. To ridicule Jews and Christians, they constructed the shrine on the foundation of the Temple of Solomon where, according to the Bible, God showed himself to Jews in 953 BC and where Jesus Christ taught and healed the sick in AD 33. Arabic inscriptions around the outer wall read, in part;
- There is no God but Allah.
- God has no son; He begetteth not.
- God taketh not unto Himself a son.
- God has no associate.
- Muhammad is the messenger of God.
- Allah will preside on Judgment Day.

Jews and Christians still gather to pray and worship at the Western Wall of the foundation of the Temple of Solomon, on which the Dome now stands.

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