Islam's Beliefs, Practices and History

The Problem

Saudi Arabia and Iran fund and direct most terrorist attacks; fighters from northern Africa, Gaza and the Middle East carry them out.

Saudi Arabia sends clerics to influence mosque leaders everywhere to conform to the teachings of the strictest sect of Islam, Wahhabism. This sect calls on Muslims to fight until every person in every country is Muslim, lives under Islamic rule, or is dead. Saudi Arabia is funding the building of mosques in every western country which teaches the goal of Islam is world domination. Although The Islamic State (ISIS) has its origins in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State strives to dethrone the Saudi king. It also strives to overthrow the King of Jordan on the grounds that Islam does not permit kings to rule over Muslims.

Iran is governed by Twelver Ayatollahs, who head the Shia sect of Islam. They await the return of the 12th Imam, or Mahdi. They believe he will return only after the violence and bloodshed in the world reaches his threshold. Iran funds, trains and equips terrorist groups throughout the world.

Increasing numbers of westerners are joining terrorist groups to fight for Islamic world domination.

Christian Response

Know there is hope; more than 90 percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims do not fight in Islamic wars of conquest. Reach out to these Muslims of goodwill with love and charity.

Jesus Himself (Isa al Masih in Arabic) is appearing to hundreds of thousands of Muslims in dreams and visions. He is overwhelming them with his Peace and Love. Jesus commands his followers to teach all people, including Muslims, that Jesus loves them and died for them.

Enter Muslim communities on missions of peace and neighborly fellowship.

Invite Muslim youth to take part in local sports and community events.
Invite Muslim families into your home and cook your best meals for them. Be true friends. Talk to them about Biblical Prophets, Jesus, jihad, the Qur'an and the Bible. Engage them in friendly conversation.

Encourage Muslims to study the Qur'an and the New Testament of the Bible (the Injeel) in their native language. 

Take a stand against the spread of Islamic Law (Sharia Law).

Pray for and with Muslims in the name of Jesus. Many have never had anyone pray for them personally.

The Growth of Islam

For Muslims of Goodwill

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