Islam's Beliefs, Practices and History

A thought-provoking, "I-never-knew-that" experience. Reading The Heart of Islam is a beneficial part of any study of Islam. Well-written and well-documented, this book helps the reader understand what it is that drives Islamic terror and conquest. While exposing the disturbing fundamentalism to which many Muslims subscribe, Mr. Blanton keeps in mind the myriad Muslims of goodwill who don't necessarily subscribe to or even understand some of Islam's core beliefs, and he sets forth his desire to see his Muslim friends and all Muslims of goodwill break free from a destructive system. An interesting, informative read, indeed.—Tom F. 

"It is difficult to ignore the factual information presented. The Heart of Islam is not a discriminatory or inflammatory book tainted with Mr. Blanton's opinions. It is a book that serves to challenge a reader's current understanding of Islam. In a time when being "politically correct" trumps "truth and transparency", Mr. Blanton is to be commended on his courageous stance in presenting the facts. We as a country will fall for anything if we do not begin to stand for something. Nice wake-up call Mr. Blanton." Dr. Michael S.

"Extremely well documented and written; the facts slam into readers like bullets." Carolyn R.

"I heartily recommend this informative volume in its pursuit of truth about the Muslim religion." Burton H.

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