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Answers to Test 2

Answers to Test 2 on Islam

1. Which countries have the largest Muslim populations? (List largest, second largest.)
a. Indonesia, Pakistan

2. Which group has suffered the most murders at the hands of Muslims since 2001?
c. Muslims (Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been slaughtering one another as apostates since the 7th century. Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran are bitter enemies. The Sunni Islamic State is fighting Shiite Iraqis; Sunni Yemenis are fighting Shiite Houthi rebels; Sunni rebels are fighting Syrian Shiite Alawite government forces.)

3. In what year did Osama bin Laden and leaders from Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan declare war on the United States?
b. 1998 (The declaration was printed in a UK newspaper and has not been rescinded as of April 2016.)

4. Islam teaches devout followers to
c. Fight until every person is a Muslim, subject to Islamic authority, or dead. (Quran 8:39)

5. Islam forbids which of the following?
d. immodesty, alcohol, fornication
(In Islam, all is noble that furthers the Cause of Allah to include lying, theft, murder, female genital mutilation, wife-beating, suicide bombing, breaking treaties, and using nuclear weapons.)

6. In Iran, what is the penalty for homosexuality?
a. Death by hanging

7. Under Islamic Law, what is the penalty for stealing?
b. Amputation of hand

8. Under Sharia Law, what is the penalty for adultery?
c. Death by stoning

9. Approximately how many deadly terrorist attacks have been committed in the name of Allah since September 11, 2001?
d. 30,000 (Visit the for the current tally.)

10. Genital mutilation is performed on more than 80% of females in which Muslim countries?
a. Somalia, Egypt, Guinea

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