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Answers to Test 1

 Answers to Test 1

1. Arrange Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in order of founding from earliest to latest.
d. Judaism 2000 BC, Christianity AD33, Islam AD610

2. The concept that Allah and the God of Christians are one and the same is
a. theologcally and logically impossible
(According to the Qur’an Allah loves Muslims but hates all others; God loves all people including Muslims. In the Qur’an Allah teaches that only Muslims may enter Paradise and that all others are hell-bound friends of Satan.)

3. Which of the following written works is the most holy to Muslims?
c. The Qur’an (Unlike the Qur’an, neither the Hadith’s nor the Sira is considered infallible.)

3. What two rewards are not promised in Islamic paradise?
c. Love, peace
(Islam does in fact promise thrones, gardens, rivers, fruit, wine and virgins in Paradise.)

4. Which Biblical prophet is not mentioned in the Qur’an?
b. Ezekiel (Abraham, Moses and Jesus appear in the Qur’an as prophets.)

5. Currently, Muslims make up about what percentage of the world’s total population?
c. 25 (The total was 23 percent at the end of 2010.)

6. What two factors account for nearly all of Islam’s phenomenal growth?
a. High birth rates, force 
(High birth rates account for 96% of Islam’s growth. Western populations are declining while their Muslim components are burgeoning. If current trends continue, Islam will be the world’s dominant belief system by 2070.)

7. Under Islamic law, what is the penalty for Muslims who abandon Islam?
a. Death (Family members are often expected to carry out the execution.)

8. About what percentage of the world’s Muslims can read the Qur’an?
c. 20 (Muslims are discouraged from reading the Qur’an in any language except Arabic, and fewer than 20 percent of Muslims can read or understand Arabic. Most Muslims don’t understand the Arabic words they recite as “prayers” five times each day.)

9. Under what circumstances can Islamic Law (Sharia) coexist with democracy?
b. No circumstances (Islam does not permit freedom of religion or expression.)

10. What is the world’s fastest-growing belief system?
b. Islam (Check statistics published by Pew Research.)

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